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The Themes of the International Conference

  • Hope and optimism at a time of crisis

  • Hope and optimism in career counseling

  • Hope and optimism and multiculturalism

  • Positive psychology in career counseling and coaching

  • Hope and optimism in education

  • Resilience and time perspective in counseling

  • Increasing hope and optimism in counseling

  • Vocational Guidance, career education, career counseling: researches and instruments

  • Counseling and disability

  • Vocational  Designing and  career counseling: experiences and interventions

  • Career counseling and Life designing for temporary, unemployed and underemployed workers

  • Career counseling and Life Designing for immigrants and minorities

  • Future scenarios of Vocational Design and Career Counseling

  • New Competencies of Vocational Designing and Career Counseling professionals

  • Family, hope, optimism and resilience