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International Conference «Life Designing and Career Counseling: Building Hope and Resilience»

Thursday 20 June 2013

Plenary session About the future – A proposito di future (photos)

Opening ceremony



Chair: Michael L. Wehmeyer, Kansas University, USA (Wehmeyer presents Lopez)

  • Hope for tomorrow: Pays off today - Oggi sperare nel domani è già conveniente. Shane J. Lopez, Clifton Strengths Institute, USA (video)

Chair: Mark Watson, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa (M. Watson presents Guichard; M. Watson presents Soresi)

  • Forms of reflexivity and transformations of systems of subjective identity forms during life designing dialogues - Forme di riflessività e riformulazioni a proposito dell’identità soggettiva nei dialoghi di Life Design. Jean Guichard, Cnam – INETOP, France (video)

  • Helping people build their future - Aiutare le persone a costruirsi il loro futuro. Salvatore Soresi, University of Padova, Italy
    (video English) (video Italiano)

Parallel sessions (photos)


Friday 21 June 2013

Plenary session About the future: different perspectives – A proposito di futuro: prospettive diverse (photos)


Chair: Mary Sue Richardson, New York University, USA (M.S. Richardson presents van Vianen; M.S. Richardson presents Zamagni)

  • Creating and conserving resources for career self-regulation - Creare e conservare risorse per l’autoregolazione professionale. Annelies van Vianen, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands (video)

  • What makes the young unemployable and why businesses continue to believe in Taylorism - Cosa rende inoccupabili i giovani e perché le imprese continuano a credere nel Taylorismo. Stefano Zamagni, University of Bologna, Italy (video)


  • Bernardo J. Carducci, President of the Italian American Psychology Assembly

  • Bradley T. Erford, President of the American Counseling Association

  • Mercedes A. McCormick, President of International Psychology Division, American Psychological Association

  • Christiane Schiersmann, Coordinator of the Network for Innovation in Career Guidance & Counselling in Europe

  • Susan Whiston, Chair of the Society of Vocational Psychology


Chair: Steven Brown, Loyola University Chicago, USA (S. Brown presents Wehmeyer;  S.Brown presents L’Abate)   

  • Beyond pathology: Positive psychology and disability - Oltre la patologia: psicologia positiva e disabilità. Michael L. Wehmeyer, Kansas University, USA (video)

  • The future is now: Online interventions are here to stay and to grow - Il futuro è adesso: gli interventi on-line da oggi in poi. Luciano L’Abate, Georgia State University, USA (video)

Parallel sessions (photos)


Saturday 22 June 2013

Plenary session (photos)

International Symposium: Adaptability and personal promotion - Adattabilità professionale e promozione personale

Lea Ferrari introduce Maria E. Duarte (video)

Chair: Maria E. Duarte, University of Lisbon, Portugal (video)

  • Career adaptability and the subjective career: Synergy or separateness - Adattabilità e percezione soggettiva della carriera professionale: sinergia o contrapposizione. Mary McMahon, University of Queensland, Australia (video)

  • Career adaptability and context - Adattabilità professionale e contesto. Guðbjörg Vilhjálmsdóttir, University of Iceland, Iceland (video)

  • The influence of adaptability and construction of the work project in the process of inclusion and staying in the world of work - Adattabilità e costruzione del progetto professionale per l’inserimento e la permanenza nel mondo del lavoro. Marcelo A. Ribeiro, University of S. Paulo, Brasil (video)

  • Assessing the external validity of the Career Adapt-Abilities Scale (CAAS) - Valutare la validità esterna della Career Adapt-Abilities Scale (CAAS). Frederick T.L. Leong & Catherine Ott-Holland, Michigan State University, USA (video)

  • Career adaptability and career preparedness to build the future - Adattabilità professionale e prontezza professionale per costruirsi il futuro. Laura Nota, University of Padova, Italy (video English) (video Italiano)

Greetings (video)

  • Fabio Naro, Italian National University Council - Consiglio Universitario Nazionale (CUN) (video)


Chair: Jean Guichard, Cnam, INETOP, France (video)

  • Life Designing: Balancing work and love - Life Designing: bilanciare lavoro e amore. Mark L. Savickas, Northeast Ohio Medical University, USA (video)

Closing ceremony - ESVDC Awards

  • Jean-Pierre Dauwalder, University of Lausanne, Switzerland (video)

  • Young researchers Awards (video)

  • Salvatore Soresi Award (video)