La.R.I.O.S. was founded in 1994 within the Department of Developmental and Socialization Psychology with the aim of giving fresh impulse to both research and application in the ambit of School-career Guidance.
The objective of the Laboratory is to realize highly qualified services for career counselors and for public and private bodies that deal with vocational guidance.
La.R.I.O.S. proposes interventions – which are the result of rigorous research – also to students and workers who are interested in counseling activities.


Salvatore Soresi
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Laura Nota
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Teresa Maria Sgaramella
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DSCN2634 DSCN2629 cristina
Lea Ferrari
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Isabella Giannini
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Maria Cristina Ginevra
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sara2 DSCN2631  
  Sara Santilli
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 Ilaria Di Maggio
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Simone Zorzi Patrizia Zanibon Alessandro Polo
Luca Dondoni Maria Teresa Zanatta Giovanna Conzato
Gloria Ferrero Daniela Rosas

Andrea Rosa

Patrizia-Rossi Stefania-Fiori
Patrizia Rossi  Stefania Fiori


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