Career & Life Design Counseling

Our contemporary society is called the ‘knowledge society’ and in the same time, the ‘global risk society’ (Soresi & Nota, 2010).

A new organization of work, in which social contracts between employers and employees are influenced by the globalization and rapid changes of information and communication technologies are observed. Moreover jobs and work activities are much less defined and predictable. Employment transitions are more frequent and difficult than in the past.

In this new era, workers must update their knowledge in order to be able to use sophisticated technology, accept the flexibility, maintain the standards to perform work, and built opportunities for themselves. It is requested to become more and more able to balance work, family and other life aspects, and to learn how to manage work transitions. This is relevant especially for those who have a temporary, self- or part-time contract (Savickas, Nota , et al., 2009).

Even in more developed countries, in contrast to what happened until 10-15 years ago, children are at risk of experiencing a less satisfying and prestigious life than what their parents had. As regards their future, only one thing can be considered safe … it will be uncertain and unpredictable. It will require to learn how to deal with new situations of crisis and risks (Soresi, Nota, Ferrari & Ginevra, in press).

The experienced socio-economic situation can lead to difficulties and discomfort. New tools to think to the future and to reformulate our professional design are necessary.

Researchers and practitioners who work at the La.R.I.O.S. laboratory, study and implement intervention programs for career choices and designing the future.

Career counseling and life design are directed at:

  • teenagers
  • parents
  • young adults
  • adults

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