Program Manager, Johannes Katsarov

Program Manager


Johannes Katsarov. Johannes acts as the Programme Manager of the European Doctoral Programme in Career Guidance & Counselling, and is a member of the Scientific Committee. Since 2009, he has coordinated the Network for Innovation in Career Guidance and Counselling in Europe (NICE) together with Christiane Schiersmann and Peter Weber from the Heidelberg University ( In this role, Johannes has co-edited both NICE Handbooks and the NICE Newsletter. From 2012 to 2015, he coordinated the development of European competence standards for the academic training of career practitioners (together with Kestutis Pukelis, Jukka Lerkkanen and Jacques Pouyaud).
Since 2015, Johannes is a research associate of the Ethics Center of the University of Zurich, where he is working on a PhD in Ethics as part of the project “Moral Sensitivity” (led by Markus Christen and Carmen Tanner). His research focuses on justifications for the moral education of professionals, potentials and risks of diverse objectives of moral competence development (particularly the development of moral sensitivity), and the legitimacy of teaching, learning and assessment approaches for this purpose (including the use of video games).
Johannes’ research into normative questions of education, training and assessment, draw heavily on his prior experience in supporting the professionalization and quality assurance of career guidance and counselling in Germany. As an assistant to Christiane Schiersmann at the Heidelberg University’s Institute of Educational Science, later as an associate of the National Guidance Forum of Germany in Berlin, he supported the development of German quality standards scientifically (


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